God’s handiwork within Heuristic-Biased Stochastic Processes

The arguments for God can be found in extant (current) biological processes as well. We can see God’s handiwork within heuristic-biased stochastic processes. In other words, there are law-like “rules of thumb” that are applied at the quantum level (as with photosynthesis) as well as the molecular level (through epigenetics and the genome) and neurogenesis and neurological ontogenesis (development) — as with human language acquisition. At first glance, these biases may seem loose, but they are as effective as the gravitational attraction of large masses discovered by Newton. Our apologetical arguments for God need not be confined to prehistory. They are written across the natural world even at this moment.


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B.A.Ed, (English, Speech) University of Nebraska, 1993 M.S. (Psychology), University of Nebraska, 1999
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