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> Thelen and Smith wrote about attractors and attractor states in reference to dynamic systems theory. Recent neurological studies show however that in the context of neural growth, the dendrites are guided by neurochemical repellency signals rather than attractor signals. … Continue reading

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Semi-Dynamic Systems

At times Creationists and Evolutionists resemble the “Blind men and the elephant fable”. They have each seized upon pieces of the puzzle but neither has achieved the complete picture. The most parsimonious perspective can be found through a semi-dynamic systems … Continue reading

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Bioluminescence in Cholera Bacteria

I am currently contemplating bioluminescence in Vibrio cholerae, the cholera bacteria. Initially, the presence of LuxA, a gene for luminescence, seems to be a classic argument for a vestigial marker for evolutionary descent. Further reading led me to this note: … Continue reading

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