Homosexuality has been historically characterized as a mental illness, a defect, and a sinful behavior.
From a scientific standpoint, it is more useful to view it in terms of Regiticulation, which is to say
it falls within the dynamic, yet recurrent, range of normal genetic heterogeneity. Additionally,
it occurs on a continuum of sexual orientation, rather than being binary or bifurcated in nature.
Contemporary research indicates that it is biased toward males, but occurs in both sexes. The
regiticular characteristics of sexual identigenesis occurs within patterns that
can be approximated using a multifactorial model based on sibling birth order, nascigens, attachment
formation and sexualization.
native (adj.) Look up native at late 14c., from O.Fr. natif (fem. native), from L. nativus “innate, produced by birth,” from natus, pp. of nasci (Old L. gnasci) “be born,” related to gignere “beget,” from PIE base *gen-/*gn- “produce” (see genus). The noun is mid-15c., originally meaning “person born in bondage,” later (1530s) “person who has always lived in a place.” Applied from 1650s to original inhabitants of non-European nations where Europeans hold political power; hence, used contemptuously of “the locals” from 1800.


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